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'The Critical Minds' is a one and only platform which provides all the services needed by an Author to boost their career. We are different and we do display some literary sense and order in what we make, review or promote and the way we conduct our digital service, reviews or promotions. Sure, we use this website for our work; however, the mechanism that is involved in the backend of The Critical Minds is phenomenal, if we may say so. With honest backgrounds, sense, and taste of product or service, explicit distrust against the product and services they don’t like and so many other qualities which make them stand apart, the audience of 'The Critical Minds' are amazing!

Our Author's Web Terms: Author's Web is an affordable and most advance service only made for the authors. We are creative and that can be seen in our work. We promise to maintain the privacy policy of the author and not to share any details to any third party. Although some information needs to be provided with the author's permission to our service provider including but not limited to Amazon, AWS, Namecheap, etc.

Our Reviewing Terms: We are honest always and if time demands, we are not shying back from becoming ‘brutally honest’. We will tell what’s good in the product and service and that will be accompanied by what’s not good in the product and service. We highlight the merits and at the same time, we do highlight the demerits of the products or services without any hesitation. You can say that our team is a team of critics who use your products and services and then write what is true!

Our Social Media Marketing Terms: ' The Critical Minds' marketing strategies are different from the other marketing agency because we take conversions and potential buyers too seriously. We are affordable and we provide the exact target we are going to achieve at a given price. We provide Facebook Marketing in the "Social Media Marketing" service section of our website. For other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can talk to us instantly of facebook or contact us. We reply within 6 hrs - 12 hrs.

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We have added some of the services on our website. Although we know and respect that every product has different time limits and budget. If you have such concerns about any service then you can explain the situation to us and discuss the budget, target and time limit. Talk to us instantly on facebook or Click on the button below to fill the form. We reply within 6 hours.

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