We Are Providing this service only to Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Hybrid Android App

We will build you a professional Realtime Automated Hybrid Android App for your business, Ecom, blog games or any idea (Complete system with Admin Panel). No need to pay monthly charges on shopify or anywhere else.
Why us?
Creating a automated Android App or system with all the features mentioned here is costly and after creation you need to pay developer or other service provider for maintenance or hosting. We will reduce all your monthly bill by helping you to host and maintain the App of your own without paying any monthly charges to anyone.

  • Hybrid Android app(Apk)
  • Device notification(additional charge).
  • Professional Logo
  • Admin panel(So that you can easily add and remove content and you will not need to hire anyone for maintenance)
  • Pages (up to 7 pages included)
  • Automated Realtime Backened
  • Authentication(login & Register)
  • Membership portal. (Additional charge)
  • Complete Social media integration if required for your business/personal use .
  • Inventory tracker.
  • Offer Popups.
  • Product sales and visitors tracker.(additional charges)
  • Automated leaderboard
  • Automated Wallet & Bonus system
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Refer and Earn system (Additionl charge)
  • Automated weekly leaderboard
  • Automated monthly leaderboard
  • Chat support system
  • Newsletter
  • Terms & Condition.
  • Privacy policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Settings
  • And any other Ecom Feature which you want to get integrated.

Price : $ 49

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