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Cover Designing

Cover design of a book is one of the most important aspect of it's marketing. It is these book covers that create the first impressions on potential readers and actually make them choose whether to give the books a read or not.

If you are an author who has already been published by another publication house or have self published your book, we extend our cover designing services to you well.

We at "The Critical Minds" design such book covers which give away just enough to persuade the readers to read your book without revealing too much of what is inside. We through our book designing strategies ensure that we are able to communicate to the readers that your book and the pages within are worth their attention and money.

At "The Critical Minds" we ensure that we create such book covers that will attract even the occassional reader. As mentioned before, book covers are an important aspect of marketing books and professional book cover designers can provide for the best strategies, and thus choosing "The Critical Minds" will make for the right decision as we can guarantee an author all of the above mentioned.

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